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Beyond Power Attends Successful FIBO 2024

Beyond Power Attends Successful FIBO 2024

Beyond Power made its mark at FIBO 2024, one of the world's premier fitness and training expos.


The Beyond Power team showcased the VOLTRA I with a variety of accessories on display through a space and efforts shared with esteemed reselling partners Wii Training and Pullsh allowing for new audiences to experience VOLTRA I in person. 


Positioned on power racks and our Travel Platform, the booth allowed attendees to freely try VOLTRA I and test their limits. 


Notable personalities passed the booth, including Coop from Garage Gym Reviews (GGR). Their enthusiasm echoed the sentiments of countless others who marveled at the VOLTRA I's potential.



As the curtains close on another successful FIBO expo, Beyond Power extends its gratitude to all who visited our booth.


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