Power is the native language of VOLTRA I.

VOLTRA I brings training density, precision and safety to every workout, streamlining training by using a single device for a variety of exercises. Goodbye lengthy setup and transition periods!

Weight Training

A new era of precision and safety.

Constant resistance with lower inertia than ever. Maximize your gains with up to 200 lbs of resistance, with options for tweaking Eccentric load, Chains mode, and Assist, refining your technique as you train.

Resistance Band

Feel real, progressive resistance as you pull.

A dynamic and challenging workout, the farther you pull, the higher the resistance. Available in Standard or Inverse settings.*

*in latest firmware.


Amplify resistance based on your speed.

Trackable velocity-based training, with speed and force measured right from the unit. The faster you pull, the greater the resistance - perfect for those interested in VBT (velocity-based training), pitches, baseball swings, and more.

Advanced Data Insights

Get live metrics of your workout on VOLTRA I itself or your phone (Beyond+ app). Optimize your training and coaching with VOLTRA's metrics, ensuring "quality" from every rep, set, and workout.

Power Rack Ready

Beyond Power is all about freedom. VOLTRA I grants you flexibility in how you train, and is compatible with most racks on the market. Pair it with our AnyMount series and transform your rack into the ultimate functional trainer, saving space and adding versatility without damaging your setup.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Innovation

A cable trainer designed with an unmatched experience at the forefront.

Next-gen training is here

Learn how Beyond Power partners get the most out of their VOLTRA I.

Whether it's high-level sports, physio or more - there's something for everyone with VOLTRA I.

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