Is the cable/battery replaceable?

The cable and battery of VOLTRA I are built to be robust and long-lasting, with a design that allows for easy replacement when they reach the end of their lifespan. Beyond Power will offer standalone replacement kits and extended maintenance services in the near future. Replacements can be performed either by customers or through service channels.

Does VOLTRA I support metric units?

VOLTRA I can switch between either kg/lbs or m/ft in the Settings menu.

How is VOLTRA I powered?

VOLTRA I uses a built-in battery to power through your training. It's fast-charging, and supports USB Type-C.

What types of chargers are supported, how long does it take to charge?

VOLTRA I supports up to a 140W charger and Type-C. It takes 2 hours to fully charge with a 65W charger (default) and 1 hour to fully charge with a 100W charger.

What is the expected battery life and how much the selected load will affect that?

Depends on your training! For example, if you use 100lbs throughout a whole session, and one session consists of 12-14 sets, with each set containing 8-10 reps, with approximately 1 minute of rest between each set, then you can expect to train approximately 6 times before the battery fully runs out. However, for trainers who use 60lbs throughout the whole session, VOLTRA I can support up to 14 sessions. To preserve the battery life, please avoid intensive training weights when at low battery.

Can I work out with VOLTRA I while charging?

VOLTRA I will be charged when no particular training mode is selected. We recommend that you charge the product when you are not using it.

Will VOLTRA I require a monthly subscription in order to access its full functionality?

Absolutely not! VOLTRA I can be used entirely without the Beyond+ app, it is a complete training device that requires no subscription to use. To get the best out of VOLTRA I, though, we always recommend our App, Beyond+ (iOS) on the App Store. Why? Two reasons:

  • First is control and data. By pairing Beyond+ with VOLTRA I, you'll be able to remote control and monitor training data such as reps/sets/rest time/power/range of motion etc. You'll also get an awesome summary after each training session. We aim to keep this free.
  • Second is content. We are to partner with great content producers/coaches to provide the best training content. This will be a standalone subscription with a fairly low cost to cover maintenance and content producers' expenses.
Do I need WiFi or Bluetooth to connect Beyond+ App?

VOLTRA supports Bluetooth connections to the Beyond+ App for your iPhone. It doesn't need WiFi access.

How durable is the touch screen and does sweat corrode the screen? Is it easy to wipe and clean?

Sweat usually does not corrode a screen directly. The touch screen can be easily wiped and cleaned, and the edge of the screen is flat and connected to the outer frame, so there will be no trouble in cleaning the edge of the screen. In addition, you can put a screen protector on the screen. For example, a frosted screen protector can cope with sweat better than the original glass.

Is VOLTRA I waterproof and shockproof?

No,VOLTRA I is not water-resistant and should be kept away from liquids. The device is also not shockproof so please place with care.

What are the main features of VOLTRA I?

There are three training modes with VOLTRA I: Weight Training Mode, Resistance Band Mode, and Damper Mode.Under Weight Training Mode, VOLTRA I is capable of performing constant weight training with ultra low inertia, allowing for both eccentric and concentric movements. On top of that, adding eccentric/concentric variation. The Resistance Band Mode takes this a step further by simulating the non-linear force of a resistance band, which increases as the range of motion expands. Lastly, the Damper Mode simulates the resistance experienced during a parachute run, with resistance increasing as speed increases.

How should I choose the right mount to pair with the rack and VOLTRA I?

We offer three mounts for attaching VOLTRA I. The Sliding Rack Mount is our ultimate training companion, as it slides up and down easily. It is compatible with 2x2", 3x3", and 4x4" uprights with hole diameters between 5/8" and 1". Additionally, the Adaptive Rack Mount is a smart middle ground option. Simply insert the mount through the 5/8" or 1" holes on the rack to quickly set up. Its adaptable nature eliminates the need to worry about specific tubing sizes. Lastly, the Fixed Rack Mount is our economy offering, permanently attaching VOLTRA I to the rack with bolts. It is compatible with hole diameters between 5/8" and 1".

Will there be protection or assistance during training?

Yes, VOLTRA I has an assist setting. VOLTRA I adjusts resistance accordingly to assist you in completing the rep when it detects that you are struggling. This automatic mode is designed to prevent injuries and help you achieve your training goals.

Can I adjust the cable's default extended length?

Yes, you can set your initial cable length by going to [Settings - Cable length - Pull the cable to your desired length - Hold still for about 1.5sec - Complete]

Warranty and Returns Policies

What is the warranty policy?

The specific warranty period starts on the date of product delivery. Contact Beyond Power at and we will reach out to you to attempt to help resolve your issue. Know more about warranty coverage here.

What's the return policy?
  • Within 14 days of receiving a product if the product has no manufacturing defect, has not been activated and is still in new or like-new condition.


If the touch screen goes, can you solely use the app to turn it on/off and adjust the resistance?

Besides LCD touch screen, VOLTRA I has two physical buttons. The left button is On/Off button. If the screen fails, you can short click once, then long click to force VOLTRA I shutting down completely to ensure absolute safety. In terms of using app control while the LCD fails, as long as VOLTRA I is previously paired with Beyond+ App, you can adjust resistance from the app within bluetooh commuication range. However, we strongly recommend against continuing to use VOLTRA I in such circumstances and advise returning it for repair.

Does VOLTRA I support voice control?

Unfortunately, VOLTRA I does not support voice control because most workout spaces are too noisy for the microphones to accurately capture the precise information.