About Us

A Technological Vanguard in Sports

Beyond Power stands at the confluence of sports and technology, having been birthed from the belief that the world of sports is ripe for innovative breakthroughs. Our story is intertwined with its founder, Billy Lan. Hailing from a lineage of athletes and having embarked on his athletic journey during younger years, Billy eventually morphed into an exceptional engineer and leader. His dual passions – the relentless pursuit of product excellence and an innate love for sports – culminated in the inception of Beyond Power in 2021. Supporting our vision is a team of adept engineers and designers, each harboring a shared enthusiasm for merging sports and tech.

Beyond Power doesn't just aim to join the tech sports domain; It intends to redefine it. The company's ambition is monumental: to etch its name as the most influential sports-tech entity of its era, crafting products that blend innovation with technology at their core.

This commitment to relentless innovation bore fruit in the form of our first and flagship product, the VOLTRA I. Touted as the world's first handheld direct drive cable trainer, VOLTRA I embodies versatility and power in a way the sports realm hasn't witnessed before.