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Creator Spotlight: Shredded Dad - Using VOLTRA I to Go Viral

Creator Spotlight: Shredded Dad - Using VOLTRA I to Go Viral

Jose Guevara, better known online as Shredded Dad, is a content creator who has built his online profile around quick, snappy videos based out of his home gym in Georgia.

He's carved a unique niche for himself with quick, impactful videos that span everything from product roundups and comedic takes to user guides and in-depth reviews. 

His content resonates with fitness enthusiasts, making him a go-to source for all things fitness and training gear.

We chatted with him to hear his thoughts on the journey with VOLTRA I.


How'd you get started with Shredded Dad? What was your motivation to start creating content? was started to inspire out of shape dads to show them you can spend time with family and work on your fitness as well.

Initially I was mainly posting long form videos but discovered short form videos when my house flooded and I had to stuff my garage with house stuff while repairs were being made to the house.

With a small amount of working out space to work with, I was forced to create short content, mainly IG reels. I realized over time that people tend to prefer shorter content nowdays, so I've been basically doing that ever since, with the occasional long-form review.

What were your first impressions of VOLTRA I? 

I was blown away. When I first saw the device and its max output of 200lbs, that's when I knew this was something serious that I had to try.

It was easy to setup and dive right in. As I started to play around with it I loved the different training modes, using the touchscreen to switch between them as you go, and especially the ability to adjust in 1lb increments. Super precise.

Are there any standout features that you enjoy the most?

I'm constantly using the weight training mode with an increased eccentric load which is something you can’t do on a regular cable machine. I love that it's just easily toggled with the press of a button.

VOLTRA I pictured with tricep accessory

Using Eccentric Mode really forces me to slow down my movements and focus - you can really feel it more especially if you run it at higher settings.

Shredded Dad's content has struck a chord with fitness enthusiasts, and his first VOLTRA I reel is proof of his impact. With over 1.5 million views on Instagram, it's safe to say that his videos are making waves in the fitness community.

As 2024 kicks off, Jose continues to try different modes and ways to get the most out of VOLTRA I, most recently in the form of a Skierg-style exercise movement.

A big thank you to Jose for taking the time to share his thoughts on VOLTRA I, now a happy user of our innovative tool, sitting firmly in his armory of equipment.

Follow Shredded Dad on Instagram (@shreddeddad) and dive into his comprehensive VOLTRA I review on his website:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Beyond Power.


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