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Unboxing with Coop: Garage Gym Reviews VOLTRA I Preview

Unboxing with Coop: Garage Gym Reviews VOLTRA I Preview

Here at Beyond Power, we've been waiting in excitement to get the chance to work with the legendary team over at Garage Gym Reviews, known for their high-quality, thorough videos that dive deep into the latest in the world of training, fitness, and home gyms.


We're lucky enough to feature over there recently, with Coop and the team unboxing and trying the VOLTRA I out for themselves:

Some of the highlights of the video include a background into Beyond Power, VOLTRA I and its innovative training features (what makes us stand out!), and a few tests using our Sliding Rack Mount and Travel Platform.


Coop from GGR works with Beyond Power's Travel Platform and VOLTRA I.
Alongside a few deadlifts and curls, they took the time to preview the Sliding Rack Mount in depth to show the versatility of VOLTRA I once in your gym.
The Beyond Power Sliding Rack Mount on display.



We wanted to take the time to not only share the preview video here, but express our thanks to Coop and the team for taking the time to try us out! We're excited to see the full review, releasing soon.


Can't wait to get your hands on 200lbs of portable resistance? We've got you. Grab your VOLTRA I here.

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