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Meet VOLTRA I: The 200lb Portable Cable Trainer Powerhouse

Meet VOLTRA I: The 200lb Portable Cable Trainer Powerhouse

Beyond Power's VOLTRA I has been released, and its here to innovate and change how you train. A handheld, portable direct drive cable trainer, VOLTRA I is designed for athletes, physiotherapists, and so much more.
In this short (and our first!) blog, we'll dive into how exactly VOLTRA I stands out from the competition and what makes it such a powerful choice. Whether you're getting back into training, are already at the highest levels, or recovering - there's something for everyone in Beyond Power's latest, versatile creation.
Let's do this.

Packed Full of Power

VOLTRA I is not your average resistance trainer. An in-house designed direct drive motor generates constant and variable resistance of up to 200 lbs, entirely scalable by 1lb increments via the touchscreen on the unit, or the Beyond+ app (more on that later).
The ability to generate a wider range of output (5-200lbs) presents genuine flexibility as a unit when compared to similar cable competitors, with most only able to go as high as 65lbs.

Three Unique Training Modes

What sets VOLTRA I apart is its three dynamic training modes:
  1. Weight Training Mode: Experience controlled, steady resistance with ultra-low inertia, providing better training results with a lower risk of injury.
  2. Resistance Band Mode: As you extend the cable, resistance increases progressively, simulating the resistance experienced when stretching a resistance band.
  3. Damper Mode: In this mode, users experience ascending resistance that correlates with the speed of their movements. Velocity-based training opens avenues for training specific moves in-depth. Think pitches, swings, sprint bursts and more.
Alongside the three modes come a set of extra options that make VOLTRA I a stand out choice.
The device also offers eccentric and concentric resistance modes, allowing you to target specific muscle groups with ease, and an Assist mode, designed to intelligently detect and reduce resistance if a user is struggling. Perfect for physiotherapy or lowering risk of injury.

Precision and Versatility

At Beyond Power, while we develop our own range of accessories, we realize it's important to respect one's gym and everything you use to train. VOLTRA I comes with a carabiner hook as standard, making it compatible with a wide variety of handles, bars, and hooks. It's also highly portable when used with Beyond Power's AnyMount series, as seen here:
A trainer adjusting the VOLTRA I across a squat rack.
The possibilities are endless, from sprint training and running on treadmills to pull-downs, deadlifts, bench pressing, squats, and traditional cable exercises. Whatever your fitness goals, VOLTRA I has you covered. 

Beyond+ App Support

If you're looking for a comprehensive overview of your progress all while making training sessions smoother and more efficient, Beyond Power has you covered with our latest iOS app: Beyond+.
App in hand, VOLTRA I provides real-time data on speed, power curve, and power output, allowing you to fine-tune your workout intensity and track your historical progress.
As we expand, we're implementing workout guides me names you know and love straight into our app, too. More on that in the future!

Join the Revolution

Beyond Power's mission is clear: to redefine the sports-tech domain and etch its name as the most influential sports-tech entity of its era. VOLTRA I is the embodiment of that commitment.
You can shop VOLTRA I and our latest kits on our store, or follow our socials to stay updated with the latest news and training tips. We'd really appreciate you dropping a follow!

It's a new resistance. Are you in?


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